The Universe Has Your Back - Take action in the direction of your dreams

"Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality." -Darryl Anka

Sometimes we want change but we don't know how to initiate that process to get the ball rolling in that positive direction. Here are four practical ways to take action in the direction you want. Mount these posters up all over your home, car, or work place as constant reminders. For me personally I have my Vision Board on my bedroom mirror, a Gratitude Board in my hallway, an inspirational quote on my car mirror, and then a little sign on my desk at work.

Vibrating it, is as simple as thinking about it, remembering it, listening to someone else talk about it, imagining it, speaking it, writing on it, looking at it – or reading about it.

So tune into the Vibrations you want in your life through any or all of these practical methods.

Success Log 
A success log is simply a written tally of things going your way.  It could be an ongoing list of happy manifestations, a journal of wins and triumphs, or however else you want to capture in writing the experiences and things you appreciate.

Income Journal
Keep a little notebook in your purse, night stand, back pocket and write in it daily. Write down every positive income. For instance, I received a $5 coupon on my receipt from CVS. I got a credit adjustment on my At&t bill. I received my wonderful hourly wage for today's work.... By constantly writing down our bills we focus on a negative money frequency, so switch it up, write every positive income you receive on a daily bases. You will notice that you are receiving money in places you didn't even realize and that in turn generates more creative areas to generate wealthin your life.

Vision Board
This is any goal, wish, or aspiration you may have. It can be, I want to lose 15 lb or just tone up. I would like to receive a raise. I would like a new job.  I would like to take a vacation to... You can cut out magazine clippings or print out picture, and write inspirational quotes or words.

Gratitude Board
I write one thing down everyday that I am grateful. This is a reminder of how blessed we truly are. And by doing this you can physically start to see things you have wished for on your Vision Board  come true!!

We get what we focus on. These methods all about training our attention towards success. Its easy to focus on everything that is going wrong or not coming to pass fast enough. So these methods will help redirect your attention back to generating wealth and success. So take action in the direction of your dreams. The Universe has your back!