#26ActsofKindess -Updated

“One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.”
― Henry David Thoreau

     This blog is about pursuing your dreams and helping others do the same. After all isn’t life really about the people we share it with and not so much the materialistic things we acquire? We can all make a difference in the little acts we do everyday.
     Thank you to everyone who participated in a small Act of Kindness. I loved receiving everyone’s pictures and short stories. I could not wait to share them all with you today. I posted my stories along with the messages you all sent to me; some with pictures and some without. 
    It just goes to show how one small dead NEVER goes unnoticed and kindness can travel the world in minutes. Enjoy Reading! And don't stop #payingitforward.

Random Acts (With Pictures):
1.) "We were parking our vehicle and noticed the meter next to us was getting low. So my daughter and I took a minute to go to all the meters with cars parked in front and plopped a quarter or two in their meters. The one spot that was still open, we left a couple quarters for the next person. Hopefully we saved a few people from receiving tickets on Fathers Day. - Ken (Santa Monica, CA)

2.) "I gave this to an older man walking down the street as he was pushing all his belongings and dragging a sign the said 'homeless and hungry'." Chelsea (Lacey, WA)

3.) "I'm sending a box going to Afcrapistan (Afghanistan) to a soldier whose family disowned him for joining the army. " Kathy (Worcester, MA)

4.) "Oh don't we all just Love finals?! Hopefully this will make everyone's grades a little bit better or at least their day. Wishing everyone luck." - Justina (Clarksville, TN)

5.) After a long day in the sun, who doesn't want a Veggie Burger?! These young men just received a gift card and haven't realize it yet. Thank you Juicy Burger for making yummy healthy food… and for your excellent service!! - Jenny and I (Hollywood, CA)

6.) "This gentleman got up and moved out of his seat when he noticed some young children upset about not being seated next to their grandmother.  I was so touched and asked him If I could take a picture just to send it to you because it was very kind of him. The whole plane clapped and cheered. I just had to share this story with you. Everyone on board this airplane just shared in on your birthday celebrations. "Jenny (mid-air Southwest Airlines)

7.) "I was grabbing my daily iced coffee at McDonalds when I noticed homeless man on the side of the street holding a sign. I decided he would prefer food rather than a coffee and handed him a $1 I happened to have in my pocket with #26actsofkindness pre-written on it." - Heather

8.) Left the cashier a little gift card while I was purchasing gift cards for this weekend. The one I left was to the fabulous star bucks right behind him---he just hasn't realized its sitting on his conveyor belt still. - myself (Hollywood, CA)

9.) Standing in line purchasing our food and of course we donated to Prostate Cancer research.  We love keeping our men healthy! - myself (Hollywood, CA)

10.) Nothing like some birthday frozen yogurt at the end of a long day at the pool. While at Frog we tipped the cashier with a pre-written dollar bill and then left his lucky self a gift card as well!  - Jenny and I (Hollywood, CA)

11.) I pulled into McDonalds to get an ice cream today and there was a woman behind me with a little girl who was asking very politely if she could get an icecream. I felt the need to urge for their food and treats today as a random act of kindess. Thank you for your inspiration." - Sophie (University Place, WA)

12 & 13.)  Left a couple gift cards on some lucky cars sitting in the parking lot.- Myself (Los Angeles, CA)

15.) Left someone "you are 'mint' to be" envelope with change on someone's car window. (Los Angeles, CA)

15.)  Left an envelope with cash at a DIY car wash. -Myself (Hollywood, CA)

Random Acts (Without Pictures):
16.) “I went through a drive-through for my morning coffee and I remembered Arielle’s request for giving forward this weekend. So I turned to the cashier and handed them cash asking to pay for the man's coffee who was behind me. It felt very rewarding. Thank you Arielle for the reminder to do good deeds for others.” - Stephanie. (Hollywood, CA)

17.) “OK you little angel, in your honor I picked up a Starbucks, took it to a friend who was having difficulty getting motivated, and spent a couple hours with him making him laugh. But it wasn't me that spread the love, it was YOU! Xoxo.”  - Seph (West Hollywood, CA)

18.) "I did one the other day for you, here it is  – I was pulling out and noticed a young man and his mom waiting at the bus stop. I gladly handed them both a couple dollars for bus tickets just because. It was a rewarding experience!!” - Sophie (Tacoma, WA)

19.) "Thank you for being a positive force in life! I was walking out of target this past Sunday and passed by a young dad. I gave him cash to buy diapers for his baby for Fathers Day.”  - Melissa (San Diego, CA)

20.) Upon pulling into our local CVS a young man was picking up cigarette butts straight off the dirty ground and attempting to re-smoke them. He said he had been waiting for a friend to show up all afternoon to pick him up and he was hungry. He was hoping the cigarettes would take away his appetite. Well he was lucky enough to cross our path this beautiful Sunday, and he received a gift card as well. - Jenny and I (Hollywood, CA)

21.) We decided to have a Redbox night…whoop whoop. With us standing in line was another young man on his skateboard. We randomly handed a dollar bill too him. We had pre-written #26actsofkindness on it. His immediate response was, “Thank you. I will gladly pass this on to the next person.” You have got love it when someone’s initial response is gratitude and they want to pay it forward as well.  - Jenny and I (Hollywood, CA)

22.) Tipped our wonderful valet man a little extra at Paradise Cove on Saturday. - my girls and I. (Malibu, CA)

23. While paying for parking at the beach, we randomly left the attendant a gift card. - my girls and I. (Malibu, CA)

24.) On our way walking to the W Hotel, there was a group of three homeless people sitting holding their hands in prayer. I secretly set a gift card next to them, leaving it sitting on their bags. It felt so rewarding thinking maybe I was playing a part in answering their prayer asking for money for their next meal. - myself (Hollywood, CA)

25.) We started our Sunday morning with a trip to Starbucks...thank goodness they are walking distance! It was extremely busy in there. And of course I had to order a somewhat difficult coffee because I don't like milk...yuck! So we slid the barista a random gift card while he was busy making someone's coffee. - myself (Hollywood, CA)

26.) We decided to have some yummy sushi in West Hollywood on Monday. While sitting there enjoying our food and drinks and older man walked by with a sign asking for help. Of course we gladly passed him a $1 bill that we happened to have on us. He was very grateful! - Jenny and I (West Hollywood, CA)

Ohhh so much fun... we haven't stopped #payingitforward. Join us and do a daily #RAK (random act of kindness.)