"I'm Broke" ... No More

Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me!”
Look what happens with a love like that,
it lights up the whole sky.
Giving, without breaking the bank.
I am a young mom of a 3 year old. I work full-time and attend school part-time.  Money-wise I am not the richest at this moment in life… but we are happy and are grateful to pay our bills.
            The biggest excuse I hear about Paying it Forward is “ I’m broke.” These two words inspired this weekend and writing this article. I want to show you how you can give and make a huge difference in someone’s day in very small ways.
            You if operate out of desperation, a poor mans mindset, than you will always feel poor. Think of your funds like a big pot of gold sitting at the end of the rainbow. Its already yours, it has been sitting in the same spot waiting for you. All you need to do is reach in and grab a handful. If you know the big pot of gold is always sitting there for you then you can be free to give give give.  Create opportunities in your daily life… you will be surprised that once you start operating from a rich man standpoint how the finances in your life will line up around you.
Start a kindness jar and every time you see a coin on the ground collect it. Be grateful for the free money you found. You can now add to your jar and make that your way to Pay it Forward.
           Follow me, join us, and share in on the fun of our weekend of #payingitforward.

Here is an idea to get you started (if payday is not today for you:)
 - Leave a quarter or two (quarters are like gold in CA! leave one at the meter, laundry mat, in the drink machine...)
Leave your mailman a thank you note
We wrote little cards up that say "You are 'mint' to be. Smile" and stapled a mint candy to the card. We have a bag of them sitting in my car so I can hand them out whenever we are out and about.  

Went through the drive-thru to bring my mechanic a fruit smoothie and bought the family's meal behind us

Two young men waiting at the bus stop just got a smoothie !! ...yummy

This past Sunday morning my daughter and I got up and made several batches of frozen dessert cupcakes. And threw a whole bunch of water bottles in the frig the previous night to get them nice and cold. 

We stacked up all water bottles and cupcakes in her little stroller walked around Hollywood Blvd giving them out to anyone we saw in need.
At first she wasn't all excited about walking around in the heat, the swimming pool sounded like a much better idea of fun to her. 

But once she started receiving all the positive feedback and seeing how happy people were when she gave them water, she was all about it. In fact, she became sad once we ran out saying that we needed to go home and make more.

We had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed this experience. The goal was to show her how much we have to be thankful for and how easy and fun it is to give back and pay forward. The smallest things can put the biggest smile on another person.

Join us and see for yourself!