Be the Angel You Are

“Your thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around you.”
Jewel Diamond Taylor 
     We all do random acts of kindness and paying-it-forward deeds...now you can track them and follow others good deeds. Become an Angel today at angelact.org. It takes two minutes to sign up and every time you do a good deed snap a picture of it, upload it to your instagram or facebook, tag #angelact. Be inspired by seeing other people #spreadlove and inspire those around you to join in.

About AngelAct:
"The mission of AngelAct.org is to show that one person doing one good deed can indirectly touch the lives of many "Because We Can".
Our "Angels" randomly help out friends or strangers for no reason at all, then share their "AngelActs" with everyone.
We challenge you to become one of our "Angels" and perform at least 3 AngelActs. An AngelAct is a selfless act performed for the purpose of: Assisting, helping, guiding, motivating, and simply putting a smile on one's face"

Sincerely, Angel Arielle