What the mind can conceive, it can achieve!

     Sometimes I read a book, listen to an inspirational speaker, tune into a good song and I get all hyped up; I feel like I can take on the world...or that I am on top of the world. Then the very next morning I am dragging myself out of bed griping about how I didn't get enough sleep. Where did all the inspiration I felt the night before disappear to? This is not the energy I want to start my day with! I immediately start counting blessings with my daughter and as we drive to school we look for an opportunity to do an #RAK (random act of kindness)

     One of my favorite blogs I read almost every morning: goodvibeblog.com It's my go to for a daily dose of inspiration and learning more about Laws of Attraction (LOA) It's full of juicy articles and practical ways to apply LOA to your life right now. In reading it today, I was tuned into this article which I felt needed to be shared! "How to Get Money to Pour in."

    Today I am starting my Income Journal inspired by Jaqueline Gates. Find the full article on her blog at www.jacqueline-gates.com  Stop counting your bills and penny-pinching! "If you focus on the money going out, then you are going to have money GOING OUT!" Plain and simple. Count everything coming in and start tracking it. Go to her article to get the how-to and get started!

Let's watch the money flow in together!!