Pay it Foward: One of the many definitions of this term

  Thank to everyone for their amazing submissions. It was VERY hard to pick one. Many of you put a lot of time and thought into your submissions, and I am very grateful. I will be combining so many definitions into a up coming blog post.

"Paying it Forward (PIF) means many things, from giving someone the shirt off your back, to a friendly nod, simple smile, or a few kind words. To pay it forward is actually another form of a random act of kindness. If someone is having a bad day you can PIF simply by telling that person how great they are :)  Paying it forward is showing someone a kind gesture and not expecting anything back in return. It's doing a good deed to restore the faith in humanity, it's telling your brother that he's not as annoying as you say lol. You can interpret any random act of kindness from your heart as paying it forward.  
The biggest reward though, is that you're really paying it forward to yourself! You PIF because you want to and don't need to think why am I doing this. People were born to pay it forward, sometimes they just need a little help understanding exactly what it is. It's true that when you pay it forward it gets passed along! For example, someone smiles at you, you smile back, you then go on to smile at someone else and they smile at someone else and so on. Well that one simple smile just PIF to a whole group of people. Like I said, PIF to me means helping restore the faith in humanity by doing something completely selfless without thinking about it!" - Nikki P

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