My Secret Escape

     I will share my secret with you...only because I know it is that good! Who would have known that we have a natural hot spring here in LA? 
     It is the ultimate escape from all the hustle and bustle of LA. The Beverly Hot Springs Spa is where you will find me after finals, a long day, and definitely on my birthday...and of course any other day I can make it in there.  
     The balmy waters of the Hot Springs gush from a natural Artesian Well over 2,000 feet beneath the ground. The mineral water does wonders for your skin. They have a hot and cold pool as well as a steam room and sauna. As soon as you walk in there is this gorgeous waterfall and the place has a beautiful mineral scent to it. Last time I was there I had a full body scrub... and it was amazing. I left feeling quite polished. I have had several facials there as well. Ask for Kathy she is wonderful and very knowledgeable!! 
     It is guys and one side and girls on the other, so you can bee free as a jay bird. Several times I have passed out in the ultra comfy lounge beds listening to the sounds of the waterfall and birds chirping. Definitely check it out because you just might fall in love with the place as I have.

You can find more info on their website:

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