Healthy Happy Sundays

I absolutely love going to the local Farmers Market. I am fortunate enough to have that is one walking distance from my house every Sunday. I love the positive vibes, smiling people, the healthy environment, the smell of fresh fruits and veggies, the laughter and giggles from the balloon man making animal shapes… There are always lots of samples and new things to taste. 

This week I went to the market with the intention of finding new foods to juice or add to my smoothies. I ended up stopping at a beans and lentil stand. I purchased a quarter pound of a couple of items: mung bean sprouts, sprouted trail mix and fresh pea shoots which he cut from the plant while I was standing there (doesn't get much fresher than that).  
I started researching the benefits of living foods; sprouting your beans. Here is a really good article I found on the benefits of sprouting your foods: http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2009/01/why-sprout.html
The trail-mix I bought is absolutely delicious; it tastes so fresh. It consists of legumes, lentils, black beans red kidney beans, pinto beans… Here is a photo below.

  I then made a yummy fresh salad that contained: spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, pea shoots, mung sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber.

Talk about protein and lots of vitamins and minerals in one meal!! I also ended up making a green smoothie with: avocado, wheat grass, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber and chia seeds. I put a little bit of raw honey to sweeten it up just a tad bit…yummy and nutritious! Happy Eating Everyone!!!

The Hollywood Farmers Market