Be Brilliant: That is what you were made for


You weren’t born to fit in; you were born to be brilliant.  Brilliant comes from a French word meaning to shine. Everyone has the ability to shine, sometimes we forget how to. And if we forget how to we never attract the right people into our space. So this is about going on a journey of discovery.  When we find our brilliance and we chose to no longer play small or live down but to really live up to, all of a sudden everyone that has been assigned to aid and help us be brilliant show up in our space almost as if they were summoned to us. It is because of what we are putting out into the universe that we literally start to find “our people,” the ones that really really get us. 

Our body is an electromagnetic force field that attracts like-minded objects. So the energy that we all have, vibrates from the inside out. So literally the moment someone steps into your space, they can pick up on where you are energy wise.  So when you tap into that brilliant it factor that brilliant you, and you really begin to live your life in true alignment (so alignment of head, heart and hands) you literally are releasing your brilliance from the inside out.  When you have the alignment of head, heart, and hands your feet will follow and you will then begin to vibrate to the universe that “I am happy, healthy, and whole and there is no hole in my soul because I know who I am.” and you will begin to walk in that.

Then what happens is you have these serendipitous moments where you bump into people.  We can have these moments every day once we get in the flow and expect it and don’t see it as strange and say, “this is how I live my life.”  

Steps to “Getting in the flow.”
1.     Be Silent. Get quiet. Listen and mediate. Quiet the chatter of the mind. Journal what is happening write now.
2.     As you go throughout the day you have a daydream, a flash of insight, capture that moment and bring it to speech. If it wants to happen it has to be spoken. So literally speak out load. “I am happy, healthy, and whole. My business is increasing, I am a lover and a giver.” Or even when you are sleeping at night and have a dream, a dream is a sneak preview of a coming attraction.
3.     Who are the folks that I am associating with that are causing me to move forward, or causing me to stay stuck, or move backwards.  People are like elevators they move you up and move you down. At times you need to examine your relationship portfolio to really understand in my life who are the assets and who are the liabilities that enable me to be all that I can be or are there relationships that perhaps you need to re-evaluate because they impact what you produce and who you become.

You have to let it go in order to let it come. What is to come? All of the things that you deserve, all the happiness, love, peace of mind… those things can’t come to a crowded contaminated fearful mindset.  Part of being brilliant and releasing your brilliance is asking yourself do you want to be brilliant or do you want to stay average? Average is safe. But brilliant is saying I am going to go for it. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but the world will pass you by. When you are congruent and whole within your soul, you start to attract into your space all of the things that you deserve.

So brilliance is all about committing to ourselves. And it’s a whole chain reaction that literally causes a domino effect. Things start lining up for you all because of a decision to commit to you. When this happens all of a sudden all of the relationships that I needed to make, happen because I was at the right place at the right time. Don’t be cash rich, but relationship poor.  Say yes to yourself and that releases your brilliance. Everyone has that it factor and the moment they release it they begin to attract others to their space who will help them release their brilliance.

Go be Brilliant 

 Adapted from Release Your Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey